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Nursing home is a place for people who require 24-hour monitoring and medical assistance. Similar to hospitals nursing homes provide skilled nurses And physical therapy

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What services are offered in Nursing Home?

Nursing homes can be in serval type

  1. The most common is the Hospital-like. This type of nursing home is often set up like a hospital. Above medical care, staff member give occupational, physical, and speech therapy. Nurses stations are generally on each floor.  With one or two people living in a room, many nursing homes will let couples live together.
  2. Household-like. This type of Nursing Home is design to reflect a home environment in which the daily routine are not fixed. The creation of the relaxing family environment  feeling is a priority  for every staff and residents. Kitchens are often open to residents, decorations give a sense of home, and the staff is encouraged to develop relationships with residents.

Combination. Some nursing homes have a combination of hospital-like and household-like units.

Many nursing homes have visiting doctors who see their patients on site. Other nursing homes have patients visit the doctor’s office. Nursing homes sometimes have separate areas called “Special Care Units” for people with serious memory problems, like dementia.

National Institute on Aging

Fact About Nursing Home

By 2040 there will be 82.3 million persons 65+, more than twice the number in 20001.

How Much Does Nursing Home Cost?

According to Genworth.com Planning For Long Term Care Checklist

National Common Price :

Semi-Private Room2016 Cost $6,844 monthly

Private Room2016 Cost $7,698 monthly

Look into financial assistance such as scholarships, sliding scale fees or government programs.

Contact your local Alzheimer’s Association to learn what kind of financial assistance may be available.

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